General Contact Information

HRS is here to assist you in the following areas. If you know the name of the person you are trying to contact, you may go directly to one of our staff listings. We have lists sorted alphabetically, by area of expertise and by division responsibility. You can also consult an organizational chart for the department.

Area Phone number
Recruiting 573-882-7976
Academic recruitmentMail To  
Staff recruitmentMail To  
SOS Temporary StaffingMail To 573-882-7976
EEO/Affirmative Action 573-882-6095
Classification 573-882-7976
Compensation 573-882-7976
Policy consultation 573-882-7976
Employee relations 573-882-7976
Imaging/Employment record retentionMail To 573-882-7976
PAF review and processingMail To 573-882-7976


New Employee Registration (NER)



Nonresident Alien Taxation 573-882-7976
Training and developmentMail To 573-882-2943

While we can assist with many things, here are some other groups who can help with related issues:

Area Phone number
Benefits, Faculty and Staff 573-882-2146
Benefits, Retirement 573-882-2146 or 800-488-5288
Bookstore 573-882-7611
Cashier’s Office 573-882-3097
Career Center 573-882-6801
Counseling Center 573-882-6701
Disability Services 573-884-7278
Employee Assistance Program 573-882-6701
Help Desk (Division of IT) 573-882-5000
Hospital Recruitment 573-882-8187
ID Card Office (Student Center) 573-882-1871
Information Operator 573-882-2121
International Center 573-882-6007
MU Equity Office 573-882-9069
Parking and Transportation 573-882-4568
Payroll 573-882-7976
Police (campus) 573-882-7201
Provost 573-882-6596
Records Center 573-882-7652
Registrar 573-882-7881
Staff Advisory Council 573-882-4269
Student Affairs 573-882-6776
Tax Deferred Annuity 573-882-6582
Worker’s Compensation 573-882-7019