The Honors College welcomes applications from any student who feels that they have an academic record or traits of learning and intellect that will make them a successful Honors student at MU.

We seek students with a myriad of accomplishments, traits, skills, experiences, and views on education. Our program adds value and enhances a student’s education and we want students who are up for the challenge and want to do the work required to flourish. Honors courses can meet a variety of major and general education requirements, count as electives, and open doors for experiential learning (research, artistry, internships, etc.). Speak with an Honors representative to find out how Honors can fit with your major.

Please keep in mind that we consider every applicant through a holistic review process of their credentials. Admission to the Honors College is competitive and selective; not all applicants will be admitted and there is no specific criteria or level of achievement that will assure anyone of acceptance. Please see the appropriate Admissions page below for more details on eligibility and application requirements.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Please be aware of the various dates regarding admission into the MU Honors College:

Applications for incoming freshmen open on August 15 and close on March 01 of each year. 

DEADLINE for the MU Honors College scholarships, Scholars & Fellows programs, and Stamps Scholars is December 01.

For transfer students and current MU students, please see the respective webpages for the deadlines that have been established in order to apply for the next applicable semester. Please note that in many cases applications are due at least one full semester before you plan to begin taking honors courses.

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