Degrees, Majors (Degree Programs), Emphasis Areas, Minors and Certificates

Superscripts on emphasis areas correspond to superscripts on that degree program’s majors where the emphasis is applicable.  See tables following the degree listing for Keys to the College and Degree abbreviations.

Degree Programs (emphasis) College Undergraduate Graduate Professional
Academic Medicine MED   MS     
Accountancy BUS BSAcc MAcc, PhD     
Accounting Information Systems BUS   Cert     
Aerospace ENGR Minor       
Aerospace Studies A&S Minor       
Afro-Romance Literatures in Translation A&S Minor       
Agribusiness Management CAFNR BS       
Agricultural Economics CAFNR Minor       
Agricultural Education (Leadership*, Teacher Certification*) CAFNR BS*, Minor PhD     
Agricultural Leadership CAFNR Minor       
Agricultural Leadership, Communication and Education CAFNR   MS     
Agricultural Systems Management CAFNR BS, Minor       
Agricultural and Applied Economics CAFNR   MS, PhD     
Agriculture (Sustainable Agriculture*) CAFNR BS*       
Agroforestry CAFNR   Cert     
American Constitutional Democracy A&S Minor, Cert       
American Law GRAD   LLM     
Ancient Studies GRAD   Minor     
Animal Sciences CAFNR BS, Minor MS, PhD     
Anthropology A&S BA, Minor MA, PhD     
Applied Behavior Analysis HP   MS, Cert     
Applied Mathematics A&S   MS     
Architectural Studies (Architectural Studies*, Interior Design*, Design with Digital Media^ ", Environment and Behavior^ ") HES BS*, Minor MA^, MS"     
Art A&S BA, BFA, Minor MFA     
Art History and Archaeology A&S BA, Minor MA, PhD     
Assurance BUS   Cert     
Astronomy A&S Minor       
Athletic Training HP BHS       
Biochemistry CAFNR BS MS, PhD     
Biological Engineering ENGR BSBE MS, PhD     
Biological Sciences A&S BA, BS, Minor MA, PhD     
Biomedical Engineering ENGR BS       
Biomedical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences*, Comparative Medicine^, Pathobiology*, Veterinary Medicine and Surgery*, Veterinary Sciences*) GRAD   MS*, MS(post DVM)^, PhD     
Black Studies A&S Minor Minor     
Business BUS Minor       
Business Administration ( Business^, Economics*, Finance and Banking*, International Business-Economics*, International Business-Finance*, International Business-Management*, International Business-Marketing*, Management*, Marketing*, Real Estate*) BUS BSBA* MBA, PhD^     
Canadian Studies A&S Minor       
Captive Wild Animal Management CAFNR Minor       
Care Management NURS   MS     
Career and Technical Education (Business and Marketing Education*^**, Human Resources Education**, Vocational Technical Education*^**) EDUC   MEd*, EdSp^, PhD**     
Center for the Digital Globe GRAD   Cert     
Chemical Engineering (Biochemical*, Environmental*, Materials*) ENGR BSChE* MS, PhD     
Chemistry A&S BA, BS, Minor MS, PhD     
Chinese Studies A&S Minor       
Civil Engineering ENGR BSCiE MS, PhD     
Classical Languages A&S   MA     
Classical Studies A&S   PhD     
Classics (Classical Humanities*^, Classical Languages*, Greek*^, Latin*^) A&S BA*, Minor^       
Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (Clinical Laboratory Science*, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound*, Nuclear Medicine*, Radiography*, Respiratory Therapy*) HP BHS* MHS     
Clinical and Translational Science (Clinical Research*, Health Services Research*, Translational Biomedicine*) MED      PhD*  
College Teaching EDUC   Cert     
College Teaching GRAD   Minor     
Communication A&S BA MA, PhD     
Communication Science and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology*) HP BHS MHS*     
Community Processes GRAD   Cert     
Computational Neuroscience ENGR Minor       
Computer Engineering ENGR BSCoE MS     
Computer Science ENGR BS, Minor MS, PhD     
Conservation Biology GRAD   Cert     
Construction Management ENGR Minor       
Criminology/Criminal and Juvenile Justice HES Minor       
Data Science and Analytics (Biotechnology*, High Performance Computing*, Strategic Communications and Data Journalism*, Human Centered Science Design*) GRAD   MS*, Cert     
Dietetics HES   MS     
Digital Global Studies PROVOST Cert       
Digital Humanities EDUC   Cert     
Digital Storytelling A&S BA, Minor       
Dispute Resolution GRAD   LLM     
Dispute Resolution LAW     Cert   
Early Childhood Education EDUC BSEd       
East Asian Studies A&S Minor       
Economics (Econometrics and Quantitative Economics*^) A&S BA, BS, Minor MA*, PhD^     
Education Improvement EDUC   Cert     
Education Policy EDUC   Cert     
Educational Leadership EDUC   EdD     
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (Educational Administration**; Educational Policy Studies**; Higher Education*^**; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Elementary Principal, Certification^"; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Secondary Principal, Certification^"; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Elementary and Secondary Principal, Certification^"; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Superintendent, Certification"; PK-12 Educational Leadership Administration, Elementary Principal and Superintendent, Certification"; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Secondary Principal and Superintendent, Certification"; PK-12 Educational Leadership and Administration, Elementary and Secondary Principal and Superintendent, Certification") EDUC   MA*, MEd^, EdSp", PhD**     
Educational Studies (Interdepartmental*) EDUC BES*       
Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology (Career Counseling Psychology^; Counseling Psychology*^"**; Educational Psychology*^**; Health Education and Promotion*^**; Mental Health Practices in Schools^"; Positive Coaching^; School Counselor, Elementary, Certification^; School Counselor, Elementary and Secondary, Certification^; School Counselor, Secondary, Certification^; School Psychology*^; School Psychology, Certification"**; Sport Psychology^; Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education*^**) EDUC   MA*, MEd^, EdSp", PhD**     
Electrical Engineering ENGR BSEE MS     
Electrical and Computer Engineering ENGR   PhD     
Electronic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Law LAW     Cert   
Elementary Education (Elementary Education*) EDUC BSEd*       
Elementary Mathematics Specialist EDUC   Cert     
Energy Efficiency ENGR   Cert     
Energy Engineering ENGR Minor       
Engineering ENGR Minor ME     
English A&S BA, Minor MA, PhD     
English Writing A&S Minor       
Entrepreneurship PROVOST Minor       
Environmental Sciences (Atmosphere*, Land and Soil*, Outreach and Education*, Water*) CAFNR BS*, Minor       
Environmental Studies PROVOST Cert       
Epidemiology GRAD   Cert     
Exercise Physiology HES   PhD     
Film Studies (Film Production*) A&S BA*, Minor       
Finance (Financial Management*, Investments*, and Real Estate*) BUS   MS*     
Financial Literacy for Helping Professionals HES Minor       
Financial and Housing Counseling HES   Cert     
Food Safety and Defense CAFNR   Cert     
Food Science and Nutrition CAFNR BS, Minor       
Food and Hospitality Systems CAFNR   MS, PhD     
Forestry CAFNR Minor       
French A&S Minor       
General Honors PROVOST Cert       
General Studies A&S BGS       
Genetics Area Program GRAD   PhD     
Geographical Information Science - Interdisciplinary A&S Cert Cert     
Geography (General Geography*, Geographic Information Sciences*, Physical/Environmental*, Regional/Cultural*) A&S BA*, Minor MA     
Geological Sciences A&S BA, BS, Minor       
Geology A&S   MS, PhD     
Geospatial Intelligence A&S   Cert     
Geriatric Care Management HES   Cert     
German A&S BA, Minor MA     
Gerontological Social Work HES   Cert     
Gerontology HES   Cert     
Gerontology Studies GRAD   Minor     
Global Public Affairs A&S   Cert     
Global Public Health GRAD   Cert     
Grantsmanship A&S   Cert     
Health Administration GRAD   MHA     
Health Ethics GRAD   Cert     
Health Informatics GRAD   Cert     
Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics*, Health Informatics*) GRAD   MS*     
Health Science (Health and Wellness Services*, Leadership and Policy*, Pre-Professional*, Rehabilitation Sciences*) HP BHS*       
Health System Innovations NURS   Minor     
Higher Education Administration EDUC   Cert     
History (Public History*) A&S BA*, Minor MA, PhD     
Hospitality Management (Conference and Event Planning Management*, Food and Beverage Management*, Lodging Management*, Sport Venue Management*) CAFNR BS*, Minor       
Human Development and Family Science (Child Development and Education, Child Life Specialist, Early Childhood Education in a Mobile Society, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Family and Lifespan Development) HES BS       
Human Development and Family Studies (Early Childhood Development^", Family and Community Services (Great Plains IDEA)^", Family Studies^", Gerontology^, Lifespan Development^", Youth Development^) HES Minor MA^, MS"     
Human Environmental Sciences (Architectural Studies*, Human Development and Family Studies*, Personal Financial Planning*, Textile and Apparel Management*) HES   PhD*     
Human Resource Management BUS Cert       
Industrial Engineering ENGR BSIE MS, PhD     
Informatics (Bioinformatics*, Health Informatics*) GRAD   PhD*     
Informatics for Public Health MED   Cert     
Information Science and Learning Technologies EDUC   PhD     
Information Technology ENGR BS, Minor       
Interactive Media JOURN   Cert     
Interdisciplinary (Black Studies*, Environmental Studies*, Peace Studies*, Women's and Gender Studies*) A&S BA*       
International Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources CAFNR Minor       
International Development GRAD   Minor     
International Studies (East Asian Studies*, Environmental Studies*, European Studies*, International Business*, Latin American Studies*, Peace Studies*, South Asian Studies*) A&S BA*       
Italian Area Studies A&S Minor       
Japanese Studies A&S Minor       
Jazz Studies A&S Minor, Cert Cert     
Journalism (Convergence Journalism*, Health Communication^, Interactive Media^, Magazine Journalism*, Media Management^, Photojournalism*, Print and Digital News*, Radio-Television*, Strategic Communication*^) JOURN BJ*, Minor MA^, PhD     
Korean Studies A&S Minor       
Latin American Studies A&S Minor       
Law (Criminal Justice*, Tax Law*) LAW     JD*   
Law and Conflict Resolution JOURN   Minor     
Leadership and Public Service A&S Minor       
Learning Technologies and Design (Online Educator^ ", Technology in Schools^ ") EDUC   MS^, EdSp"     
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum (Art Education** "; Art Education, Certification**; Early Childhood Education** "; Early Childhood Education, Certification**; Elementary Education** ^^ "; Elementary Education , Teaching Fellow**; English Education** "; English Education, Teaching Fellow**; Foreign Language Education"; General* ^^ "; Literacy Education** ^; Mathematics Education** ^ "; Mathematics Education, Certification**; Mathematics Education, Teaching Fellow**; Music Education^; Reading Education^^ "; Science Education** ^ "; Science Education, Certification**; Science Education, Teaching Fellow**; Social Studies Education** "; Social Studies Education, Teaching Fellow**; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages**) EDUC   MA*, MEd**, EdSp^, EdD^^, PhD"     
Library Information Science (Library Media Specialist, Certification*) EDUC   MLIS*     
Life Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship GRAD   Cert     
Lifespan Development A&S   Cert     
Linguistics A&S BA, Minor Minor     
Luso-Brazilian Area Studies A&S Minor       
Marketing Analytics BUS   Cert     
Mathematics (Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance*) A&S BA, BS*, Minor MA, MST, PhD     
Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Engineering*) ENGR BSME*       
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ENGR   MS, PhD     
Medical Pharmacology and Physiology GRAD   MS, PhD     
Medical/Health Physics ENGR Minor       
Medicine MED      MD  
Medieval and Renaissance Studies A&S Minor Minor     
Microbiology GRAD   MS, PhD     
Middle East Studies A&S Minor       
Middle School Education (Language Arts*, Mathematics*, Science*, Social Studies*) EDUC BSEd*       
Military Science A&S Minor       
Military Social Work HES   Cert     
Missouri Studies A&S Minor       
Multicultural Education EDUC   Cert     
Multicultural Psychology EDUC   Minor     
Multicultural Studies A&S Cert       
Museum Studies A&S   Minor     
Music (Collaborative Piano", Composition*", Conducting", Jazz Performance and Pedagogy", Music Education*", Music History*, Music Theory*", Musicology^, Performance*", Piano Pedagogy") A&S BA, BM*, Minor MA^, MM"     
Music Entrepreneurship A&S Cert Cert     
Native American & Indigenous Studies A&S Minor       
Natural Resource Science and Management (Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences*, Forest Resources*, Human Dimensions*, Terrestrial Ecosystems*) CAFNR BS*       
Natural Resources (Agroforestry*; Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences*^; Forestry*^; Human Dimensions of Natural Resources*^; Parks, Recreation and Tourism*; Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences*^; Water Resources*^) CAFNR   MS*, PhD^     
Naval Science ENGR Minor       
Neuroscience GRAD   MS, PhD, Cert     
Nonprofit Management A&S   Cert     
Nuclear Engineering (Environmental and Regulatory Compliance* ^, Health Physics*, Materials* ^, Medical Physics*, Thermal Hydraulics* ^) ENGR Minor MS*, PhD^     
Nuclear Safeguards Science and Technology ENGR   Cert     
Nursing (Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist^, Family Nurse Practitioner^, Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner^, Leadership in Nursing and Health Care Systems*, Nurse Educator*, Nurse Leadership and Innovations in Health Care^, Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist^, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner^) NURS BSN MS*, PhD, DNP^     
Nursing Education NURS   Minor     
Nutrition Area Program GRAD   PhD     
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Exercise Physiology^, Human Physiology and Translational Sciences*, Nutrition and Foods*, Nutritional Sciences^, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Human Performance*) HES BS* MS^     
Nutritional Sciences HES Minor       
Occupational Therapy HP   MOT     
Online Educator EDUC   Cert     
Organizational Consulting and Change A&S   Cert     
Parks, Recreation and Sport (Natural Resource Recreation Management*, Recreation Administration*, Sport Management*, Tourism Development*) CAFNR BS*       
Participatory Health Research NURS   Cert     
Pathobiology Area Program GRAD   PhD     
Pathology and Anatomical Sciences GRAD   MS     
Peace Studies A&S Minor       
Personal Financial Management Services HES Minor       
Personal Financial Planning (Consumer and Family Economics^, Financial Counseling*, Personal Financial Management Services*, Personal Financial Planning*^) HES BS*, Cert MS^, Cert     
Philosophy A&S BA, BS, Minor MA, PhD     
Physical Therapy HP   DPT     
Physics (Astronomy*; Biological Physics*, Materials Science*) A&S BA, BS*, Minor MS, PhD     
Plant Sciences (Breeding, Biology and Biotechnology*; Crop Management*; Horticultural Science and Design*) CAFNR BS*, Minor       
Plant, Insect and Microbial Sciences CAFNR   MS, PhD     
Political Science (Public Policy*) A&S BA, Minor MA*, PhD     
Positive Psychology EDUC   Cert     
Pre-Occupational Therapy HP BHS       
Pre-Professional Physical Therapy HP BHS       
Precision Agriculture Technology CAFNR Cert Cert     
Psychological Statistics and Methods A&S   Minor     
Psychology (Child Clinical & Developmental Psychology^, Child Development & Developmental Psychology*, Clinical & Quantitative Psychology^, Clinical Psychology*^, Cognition & Neuroscience*^, Developmental Psychology*^, Quantitative Psychology^, Quantitative Psychometrics*, Social/Personality Psychology*^) A&S BA, BS, Minor MA*, PhD^     
Public Affairs A&S   MPA, PhD     
Public Health (Health Promotion and Policy*, Veterinary Public Health*) HP BHS MPH*, Cert     
Public Management A&S   Cert     
Public Policy A&S   Cert     
Qualitative Research EDUC   Cert     
Quantitative Research EDUC   Cert     
Radioenvironmental Sciences ENGR Minor       
Religious Studies A&S BA, Minor MA     
Risk Management and Insurance BUS Cert       
Romance Languages (French*^, Spanish*^, Language Teaching^) A&S BA* MA^, PhD     
Romance Literatures in Translation A&S Minor       
Rural Sociology CAFNR Minor MS, PhD     
Russian A&S BA, Minor       
Russian and Slavonic Studies A&S   MA     
Sales and Customer Development BUS Cert       
Science Outreach A&S   Cert     
Science and Agricultural Communications CAFNR Minor       
Secondary Education (Art Education*, Biology*, Chemistry*, Earth Science*, General Science*, Language Arts*, Mathematics Education*, Physics*, Social Studies*) EDUC BSEd*       
Social Justice HES Minor       
Social Work HES BSW MSW, PhD     
Social Work - Gerontology HES Minor       
Social Work/Public Health (Health Promotion and Policy) GRAD   MSW/MPH     
Society and Ecosystems - Interdisciplinary GRAD   Cert     
Sociology A&S BA, Minor MA, PhD     
South Asian Studies A&S Minor       
Spanish A&S Minor       
Special Education (Administration and Supervision of Special Education"", Autism^, Behavior Disorders^ "", Combined Early Childhood and Autism^, Cross Categorical, Certification^, Cross Categorical Special Education*, Early Childhood Special Education^ "", General^^ "", Gifted Education^, Learning Disabilities^ "", Mental Retardation^ "", Special Education, General**) EDUC BSEd* MA**, MEd^, EdSp^^, PhD""     
Statistics (Biostatistics*, Data Analytics*) A&S BA, BS, Minor MA*, PhD, Minor     
Strategic Studies A&S Minor       
Sustainable Agriculture CAFNR Minor       
Sustainable Energy and Policy ENGR   Cert     
Taxation BUS   Cert     
Taxation LAW     Cert   
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages EDUC   Cert     
Teaching High School Physics A&S   Cert     
Textile and Apparel Management HES BS, Minor MA, MS     
Theatre (Design/Technical*, Performance*, Writing for Performance*) A&S BA*, Minor MA, PhD     
User Experience and Usability EDUC   Cert     
Veterinary Medicine VETM       DVM 
Wellness HES Minor       
Women's and Gender Studies A&S Minor Minor     
Youth Development Program Management and Evaluation HES   Cert     
Youth Development Specialist HES   Cert     
College abbreviations
CAFNR College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
A&S College of Arts and Science
BUS Trulaske Collee of Business
EDUC College of Education
ENGR College of Engineering
GRAD Graduate School
HP School of Health Professions
HES College of Human Environmental Sciences
JOURN School of Journalism
LAW School of Law
MED School of Medicine
NURS Sinclair School of Nursing
PROVOST Office of the Provost
VETM College of Veterinary Medicine
Degree abbreviations
BA - Bachelor of Arts
BES - Bachelor of Education Studies
BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS - Bachelor of General Studies
BHS - Bachelor of Health Science
BJ - Bachelor of Journalism
BM - Bachelor of Music
BS - Bachelor of Science
BSAcc - Bachelor of Science Accounting
BSBA - Bachelor of Science Business Administration
BSBE - Bachelor of Science Biological Engineering
BSChE - Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering
BSCiE - Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
BSCoE - Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering
BSEd - Bachelor of Science Education
BSEE - Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
BSIE - Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering
BSME - Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering
BSN - Bachelor of Science Nursing
BSW - Bachelor of Social Work
Cert - Certificate
DNP - Doctor of Nurse Practitioner
DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy
DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EdD - Doctor of Education
EdSp - Education Specialist
JD - Juris Doctorate
LLM - Master of Laws
MA - Master of Arts
MAcc - Master of Accounting
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MD - Doctor of Medicine
ME - Master of Engineering
MEd - Master of Education
MFA - Master of Fine Arts
MHA - Master of Health Administration
MHS - Master of Health Science
MM - Master of Music
MOT - Master of Occupational Therapy
MPA - Master of Public Affairs
MPH - Master of Public Health
MS - Master of Science
MST - Master of Science for Teachers
MSW - Master of Social Work
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy