Admissions & Enrollment

Do I have to apply to the University of Missouri to take courses?

Yes. If you wish to enroll as a post-baccalaureate (nondegree) or nondegree undergraduate student you must apply using one of the following forms:

Application for non-degree admission (undergraduate)
Use to take an undergraduate-level course.
Note: application links work best in Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or higher. You may also use the most recent Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Application for post-baccalaureate admission (graduate)
Use to take a graduate-level course. Must have a bachelor's degree already from a regionally accredited institution.
Note: application links work best in Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or higher. You may also use the most recent Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

University of Missouri is unable to accept online students from certain states; or in some cases, unable to accept online students in certain programs due to state regulation of distance education. Learn more.

Academic departments vary in how many graduate-level courses taken as nondegree-seeking will transfer into the program. Be sure to check with the academic department of interest. To receive graduate credit for a course, students are required to provide an official baccalaureate transcript from an accredited institution. The transcript must include the degree conferred and the date the degree was awarded. Mizzou Online may accept faxed, scanned or photocopied version of transcripts as temporary documentation. If you are applying to be degree-seeking, please review the requirements for your area of interest or contact the academic department for guidelines.

If you wish to enroll in courses as a degree-seeking student, you will need to apply to your program of interest and be accepted before you take a course.

What are the admission procedures for International students?

There are different requirements whether you are planning to attend classes on the MU campus or you are participating in online courses from a distance. Visit International Student Admissions to determine which option fits your situation.

Can I take a course without being accepted into a degree program?

Yes, you can enroll as a post-baccalaureate (nondegree) or nondegree undergraduate student (you will need to apply to the University using the application for nondegree or post-baccalaureate admission). Enrolling as a non-degree-seeking student allows you to prepare for admission to a degree program, to take courses for career advancement, or for personal enrichment. Academic departments vary in how many graduate-level courses taken as non-degree seeking will transfer into the program. Be sure to check with the academic department of interest if you are applying to a degree program at MU. Post-baccalaureate students do not qualify for federal financial aid.

How do I enroll in a course?

Current students can enroll in courses through myZou. New students will follow a different process the first time they enroll. Instructions vary slightly depending on whether you are taking a self-paced or semester-based course.

How do I know what courses are being offered?

Use the Course Search to find courses offered by MU schools and colleges through Mizzou Online. If you are a current student, you also can use myZou (the University's student information system) to search for courses.

If you want to find self-paced courses in myZou, select "Open Entry/Exit" in the myZou search.

How will I know I'm enrolled?

Students can check their schedule by logging into myZou.

How do I change my schedule (add/drop/withdraw) after I've registered?

Visit myZou to add and drop courses. Your ability to do this is dependent on the Dates and Deadlines. If unable to complete your change in myZou, use one of the forms explained at our add/drop/withdrawal page.

You will not be able to drop your last or only course through myZou. Doing this constitutes a "withdraw from the term" and there is a form for this: Term Withdrawal Form. Learn more about withdrawing at the Registrar's website.

How many courses should I enroll in each semester?

The number of courses to enroll in would depend on your academic program and your time commitments. It generally takes six semesters to finish a 33-hour master's program when enrolling in six hours each semester. Your academic adviser can assist you in determining the sequence of your courses. If you are degree-seeking and applying for financial aid, be sure to check enrollment requirements.

If you are taking self-paced courses, we suggest you enroll in a maximum of 6 hours at a time. As soon as you complete a course you may add another. However, if necessary, you can take up to 12 hours of self-paced course work at one time.

Do I have to take courses every semester?

No. Some students find that other responsibilities make it necessary to take a semester or two off. If you are not continuously enrolled and are degree-seeking, you will need to complete a Request to Re-enroll form and submit it for approval before enrolling. Returning post baccalaureate or non degree undergraduate students will complete the application for non degree/post baccalaureate admission which facilitates re-admission.

Degrees and Programs

Is Mizzou Online accredited?

The University of Missouri is accredited by the Commission on Higher Learning of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

How do I apply to a degree program?

The academic department will provide you with University and departmental admission requirements. For a list of departments offering degree programs through Mizzou Online visit the Degrees and Programs page. Graduate students must apply to both the University of Missouri Graduate School (an application fee will be assessed) and to the academic department of interest. Undergraduate students must apply to both the University of Missouri Undergraduate Admissions (an application fee will be assessed) and to the academic department.

Can I transfer courses into a degree program?

We encourage students to contact academic departments for assessment of transfer credit. The University of Missouri Graduate School policy on transfer credit is available here. Scroll down to Credit transfer. Undergraduate students may review the criteria for applying to MU as a transfer student at the Admissions site transfer student page.

Can I earn a degree taking only online courses?

Yes! Many of the courses/programs offered through Mizzou Online are entirely online. Review our Degrees and Programs page or the Mizzou Online Course Catalog for individual course details. You may also check with the academic department of interest to find out specific requirements.

Delivery Methods

What is meant by semester-based course? Self-paced course?

Online semester based courses have a specific enrollment period which is the same as semester based campus classes. The courses have specific start and end dates which usually correspond the University's semester schedule. Students will have specific deadlines to complete assignments and quizzes/exams. There will be other students enrolled and loaded into the same course site. Many require participation in online discussion boards but most do not require students to be logged in at a specific time. An instructor will be available in the course site for questions and discussion.

A self-paced course offers the student the most flexibility - enroll anytime, work independently, finish assignments on your schedule and take between six weeks to six months to complete the course.

What does it mean when a course is listed as individual study?

Individual study courses, such as practica or internships, are completed independently under faculty guidance.

What does it mean when a course is listed as web assisted?

Class content is delivered through a mixture of web and face-to-face meetings. Location of face-to-face meetings varies by the class and instructor. Visit the Course Catalog and search by Delivery Format for a list of upcoming web-assisted courses.

What does it mean when a course is listed as web enhanced?

Class content is delivered mainly through face-to-face meetings with minimal web requirements. Courses in this category generally use a website for the syllabus, reading list, or for discussion and group work. Visit the Course Catalog and search by Delivery Format for a list of upcoming web-enhanced courses..

Do you offer courses that are entirely online?

Yes! These courses will be listed as internet courses and are delivered strictly via the web. There are no face-to-face meetings involved. Visit the Course Catalog and search by Delivery Format for a list of upcoming internet courses.


How much does it cost to take a Mizzou Online course?

Most courses offered through Mizzou Online have the same tuition as on-campus courses at the University of Missouri. Undergraduate students who have been designated as distance students and who do not have Missouri residency pay a small undergraduate nonresident fee for distance classes in addition to the undergraduate tuition or higher rate charged by the program. Some programs and courses charge a higher rate for tuition and/or have additional fees. Visit the Cashier's site for further information. You can see the total estimated amount for a specific course by searching the Course Catalog.

What are my payment options?

Fees are billed through the University's Cashiers Office. Students can make payments online via check or credit card (Discover or MasterCard only). Educational Assistance is available for active employees of the University. Courses can also be paid for using Financial Aid or a Third-Party Biller. See the Payment Options page for additional information.

If I drop a course or withdraw from the University will I receive a refund?

Refunds are a percentage based on course length. For a semester-based course, you must drop a course on or before the last day to add/change sections to receive a 100% refund. For a self-paced 6 months max course, you must up drop a course within the first 8 days of your course (based on your course start date in myZou). Review the University's Refund Schedule here.

What if there are extenuating circumstances that require me to drop or withdraw — will I get a refund then?

If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from dropping a course in a timely manner and you believe that you should receive a greater refund than the amount designated in the University's Refund Schedule, you can submit a Fee Adjustment Appeal Form to request a greater refund. You may also need to complete a Revision of Records Petition. Mizzou Online student services staff will be happy to help you determine what forms are needed.

If I drop a course or withdraw from the University can I apply my payments to a future semester?

If you have a credit balance on your account and you want to leave it there, e.g. in anticipation of future charges, you will need to complete a form located on the Office of Cashiers website.

Financial Aid

Is financial aid available?

There are many options for financial aid for qualified degree candidates. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step!

Are scholarships available?

Financial aid awards, including scholarships, are determined by students completing the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). Scholarship information can be found on the MU Financial Aid site.

Where can I find more information about financial aid?

For detailed information regarding Financial Aid, visit the MU Student Financial Aid site.

Are there military benefits for veterans?

Veterans in non-degree-seeking status may not collect VA benefits for educational assistance. Contact the Mizzou Veterans Center for more information.

To review the veterans’ benefits you qualify for, visit Mizzou’s Veterans Benefits site.

Can I use self-paced course work offered through Mizzou Online to defer my current student loans?

Our courses may run over two or even three semesters if you take the full amount of time. This can cause quite a bit of concern from students who are worried about their loans going into repayment. Courses only count in the semester for which you enrolled. The university system that records your enrollments will not see you as a current student unless you enroll for each major semester (fall and spring).

If a loan program requires that you enroll every major semester to keep deferring your loans, then we can help you create a schedule for completion that will make sure that you are finished with your courses well in advance of our six month deadline and enroll again.

Online Courses

When do courses start?

Visit the Registrar’s website for semester dates and deadlines. For dates for specific courses, you can view your schedule on myZou, the University’s student information system, or go to the Mizzou Online Course Catalog. The beginning and ending dates for each course are listed on the course details pages.

With self-paced courses, you can enroll anytime and take as little as six weeks or up to six months to complete.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Semester-based courses have specific start and end dates. See the Course Catalog for details regarding a specific course.

Take up to six months–or as little as six weeks–to complete a 6 month max self-paced courses. Contact your adviser for any completion deadlines and to see if Mizzou Online can accommodate your needs. Semester-based self-paced courses are also offered.

How do online courses work?

Courses and programs that are offered online use the Internet, a software platform (Canvas, Sakai, or Moodle) and email. Students register for courses, and an instructor teaches the material.

Semester-based courses include either "asynchronous discussion," meaning you can log on anytime to participate, or "synchronous discussion," meaning you are required to log on at a specified time. Courses have a start date and an end date, with assignments scheduled by the instructor.

Self-paced courses provide maximum flexibility in study time. You can access your online course materials anytime and work through the lessons at your own pace. Course lessons include reading assignments, commentary from the course developer, interactive learning exercises, and graded assignments. Courses can be completed in as few as six weeks or take up to six months to finish.

What are the hardware and software requirements for taking an online course?

To ensure that your computer is set up and ready to begin your online course, it is recommended that you review the hardware and software requirements. Click here for more information.

How do I log on to my online course?

You can log on to your course by visiting our Current Student page.

I enrolled in a course—why isn't it showing up in Canvas?

Students in semester based courses are not loaded into the online course sites until approximately one week prior to the start date of the class. If you still cannot see your course, it may be locked to students for updates, you may not have a Canvas account set up yet, or it may be too soon after you registered.

Is there help available if I have trouble with an online course?

For assistance with a specific course, your first resource is the instructor. Feel free to email the instructor with specific course-related questions. If you are having technical trouble or problems accessing your course, you can email or call 573-882-2491. An online tutorial service, NetTutor, may also be available for your course. See your course or the Learning Center for more information.


Are there prerequisites for taking online courses?

Guidelines for prerequisites are the same for online courses as for courses taken face to face on the MU campus. Academic departments establish prerequisites to ensure that students enter a course with the knowledge to be successful in the course. Each course details page, both on the Mizzou Online website (Course Catalog) and myZou, will list the specific pre- or co-requisite.

Where can I find my grades?

Current students access their grades by logging into myZou, the University's student information system. If you are not a current student and do not have access to myZou, you will need to request an official transcript. For additional information visit Transcripts and Certifications at the Registrar's website.

Can I take a self-paced course Pass/Fail?

You may register to take a course Pass/Fail which means that you will either receive an S for Satisfactory or a U for Unsatisfactory for your final course grade. A Satisfactory grade is a C- or better.

Graduate students may take graduate level courses as Pass/Fail only if the course is designated as "Pass/Fail."

Requests for S/U grading should be made in writing. Students cannot change from one grading system to the other after the first assignment has been submitted or after the first 15 days of enrollment have elapsed, whichever comes first.

UM students enrolling in an MU course for Pass/Fail: If you are a University of Missouri student, you are required to have your adviser's approval (dean's office) in order to take this course for Pass/Fail credit. Your adviser can send their approval by fax (573-882-5071) or email directly to our office.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Students can request an official transcript via fax, mail, or online submission. Currently enrolled students who only need a copy of their academic record can do this through myZou. For more information on requesting official transcripts, visit the MU Registrar's Office.

What is FERPA?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) which prohibits access to, or release of, educational records without the written consent of the student. Click here for additional information.

Will I have access to use the library?

Students who are currently enrolled have access to resources at the Ellis Library, University of Missouri system, Health Science, and the Law Libraries. To gain access to these libraries, you will be required to have an MU ID card. There are many support services for Distance Students.

Can I get a student ID card?

Students who have been admitted to the University can request a new or replacement Distance ID card through the Mizzou Store ID Office. Submit your request through Mizzou Online.