A child speaks. A grandparent thrives. A stroke survivor returns to work. Are these miracles? Albert Einstein said there are two ways you can live your life – as if nothing is a miracle, or everything is. At the School of Health Professions we don’t take miracles for granted. Every child who learns to communicate and better achieve at school, every older adult who stays confidently at home, and every client who has ever benefitted from one of our high-tech, high-touch professions: these are our miracles, and thanks to donors like you, they happen here every day. It is by the generosity of our alumni, donors and friends – people just like you – that we have come this far, but we have a long way yet to go.

There are many ways to give!

  1. Mizzou Give Direct: The Mizzou family has been crowdfunding since 900 Boone County citizens pooled their resources to establish the University of Missouri in 1839. More than 175 years later, alumni and friends continue this tradition of philanthropic partnership through Mizzou Give Direct, MU’s crowdfunding website. Check out SHP’s Give Direct funds here, and give easily online!
  2. Give to SHP’s general scholarship fund or support SHP researchers by giving online here. 
  3. For more personalized giving options, contact SHP’s Advancement Office to talk through making a gift in the way that’s meaningful to you.
  4. To give to a particular department or program, see the links below for options. If you don’t see your program listed, contact SHP Advancement.

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Respiratory Therapy

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