Faculty Handbook: Introduction

This website posting of the University of Missouri Faculty Handbook presents the most current (October 2005) compilation of the formal university rules, policies, and procedures concerning MU faculty.

Faculty Handbook: Introduction
Article I. Academic Calendar
Article II. Admission, Advanced Standing and Classification
Article III. Registration and Withdrawals
Article IV. Student Absences
Article V. Examinations
Article VI. Academic Integrity
Article VII. Credits and Grades
Article VIII. Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress of Students
Article IX. Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
Article X. Student Academic Records
Article XI. Conduct, Communication and Other Student Affairs
Article XII. Publications for Informational and Administrative Purposes
Article XIII. Campus Requirements
Article XIV. Construction
Faculty Handbook: Class Cancellation Guidelines
Faculty Handbook: Effective Date of Curriculum Policy Revisions
Faculty Handbook: Additional Regulations
Faculty Handbook: The Purpose of Tenure
Religious Observance
Graduate Faculty Senate