International Student Ambassadors

International student ambassadors are current Mizzou students who are here to answer your questions. Our international students come from many different countries, speak a variety of languages, and pursue various majors and interests on campus. Ambassadors are knowledgeable about all aspects of Mizzou: degree programs, student clubs, dining halls, arriving in Columbia — you name it. They are excited to talk to you and help you become a Tiger, too. Please feel free to contact anyone below.

Alex Kong[1]


Hometown: Xi’an

Home country: China

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Chinese, English

  • Why Mizzou: Mizzou has the first journalism school in the world. It is also consistently ranked as one of the best journalism schools in the world. At Mizzou, real-world media experience is a part of the curriculum, and the opportunities are endless.
  • Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Tellers
  • Favorite weekend activity: I enjoy meeting friends on the basketball court and getting ice cream later at Sparky's.

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Maggie _ 564x338


Hometown: Shanghai

Home country: China

Major: Economics and Marketing

Languages I speak: Mandarin and English

  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Working in Ellis Library
  • Why Mizzou: As a college town, it is far away from the big cities, and that helps me to focus on my studies. But it's also convenient because it’s only two hours from Kansas City and St. Louis. People in college towns are friendlier than in bigger cities.
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Yelling at Speakers Circle

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Mustafa _ 563x338


Hometown: Tarout Island

Home country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Information Technology

Languages I speak: English, Arabic

  • Favorite building on campus: MizzouRec (MU Student Recreation Complex)
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Playing Soccer at Stankowski Field
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Homecoming Weekend

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Hometown: Cairo

Home country: Egypt

Major: Information Technology

Languages I speak: Arabic, English

  • Favorite building on campus: Memorial Union (it reminds me of Hogwarts in Harry Potter)
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Quad Hangouts and Mizzou After Dark events
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: Running through the Quad my freshman year to get Tiger Stripe Ice Cream. Also, watching late night movies at Memorial Union with my friends.

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Kiwon _ 564x338


Hometown: Seoul

Home country: South Korea, Republic of Korea

Major: Psychology

Languages I speak: Korean, English

  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series overnight with my friends in the engineering building, then taking a picture together in front of the Columns at 5 a.m. right after finals week.
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Tiger Walk
  • Why I am an international student ambassador: I'm always interested meeting and talking to new people from diverse cultures. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet students from different countries and help bring them closer to Mizzou.

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72_Heo_ Jongeun_RGB


Hometown: Seoul

Home country: Republic of Korea

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Korean, Chinese, English

  • Favorite class: English 1000, 1310. I improved my English by learning rhetoric and writing various kinds of essays.
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Mizzou football games
  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Being involved in my Freshman Interest Group

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72_ Nunes_Mariana


Hometown: Goiânia

Home country: Brazil

Major: Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Languages I speak: Portuguese, Spanish, English

  • Favorite professor: Steve Ball is a fun professor who teaches one of my favorite classes: Introduction to Exercise Physiology. In addition, he is my “moral adviser” who helps me with all of my career curiosities.
  • Favorite campus building: MizzouRec
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Kissing the 50 yard line at Faurot Field (the Mizzou football field)

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Marco _ 564x338


Hometown: Santo Andre

Home country: Brazil

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Portuguese and English

  • Favorite spot on campus: Thomas Jefferson's gravestone
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Going to the movie screenings
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: When the Mizzou men's basketball team hit 100 points against Green Bay, everybody went crazy when Adam Wolf — a bench player who rarely plays — scored the 100th point.

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