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The mission of the School of Health Professions is to improve the health and quality of life for people across the lifespan, in every community. 

Living better lives

From early language development to aging in place, from racial disparities to public health, our faculty conduct research to understand the complex systems that enable our bodies and our communities to thrive, and to develop treatments and solutions when those systems break down.
Because such complex and multi-faceted work requires sophisticated, interdisciplinary approaches, our faculty collaborate with colleagues from nearly every other college at MU as well as with community organizations where they can have a direct and immediate impact. 

Undergraduate research

Health Professions students can collaborate with faculty on a variety of research projects. Students may present posters and co-publish findings in peer-reviewed journals.

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Information for faculty

The School of Health Professions Office of Research provides proposal development services for research faculty. The office also facilitates participation in interdisciplinary research across MU.

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