Transfer Students

AA Degree Transfer Students

All general education requirements are considered completed for students who transfer to MU with an AA degree from a regionally accredited, Missouri institution. Please note, however, that most divisions have additional degree specific requirements that are not met by the AA.

Transfer credits for other students from a regionally accredited institution are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Non-AA Degree Transfer Students

For students transferring to MU with a 42-hour general education block but without an AA degree, almost all of the transfer block would be expected to meet MU’s general education requirement if the courses have transferable equivalents at MU.

Students planning to transfer to MU prior to earning an AA degree should assure that their 42-hour general education block includes college algebra and a course with college algebra as a prerequisite (math reasoning proficiency (MRP) course). If not, those courses will be required at MU.

For most students with a 42-hour block containing both college algebra and an MRP course, it is likely that the only general education course required at MU will be an MU writing intensive course.

Students can access the MU transfer equivalency website to assure that courses at their institution have transferable equivalents at MU.

Again, careful planning will allow students to meet university general education requirements and prepare for many of the more specific foundation courses required by their field of study.